Fetești Bridge Toll – Romania

What is the Fetești-Cernavodă bridge crossing charge?

A charge must be paid for each crossing of the Fetești-Cernavodă bridge on the A2 motorway. This charge applies to vehicles.

How much is the Fetești-Cernavodă bridge toll?

The amount that needs to be paid depends on the type of vehicle and the payment method.

For a car, the charge is 13 RON (Romanian Lei), VAT included, when paid cash at the crossing point or at petrol stations. This is equivalent to approximately 2.65€.

A charge has to be paid for each crossing.

How do I pay the Fetești bridge crossing?

There are several ways to pay the Fetești-Cernavodă bridge charge.

The toll can be paid cash at the crossing point. For this, use the first lane (on the right). Wait to be handed a receipt. It is important to check that the registration number on the receipt matches your car’s registration number. Any error could lead to a fine.

We strongly recommend that you keep your proof of payment for a minimum of 6 months.

You can also pay the charge at most petrol stations. You can pay cash or by card. Usually Visa Electron, Visa, Maestro and MasterCard are accepted in all large petrol stations.

Carefully check the car registration number and the VIN (vehicle identification number) on the receipt and only sign the receipt if these details are correct. Any mistake would not match the payment to your car and a fine might be issued after crossing.

If the details have to be amended, you will be issued with a new receipt containing the new details and you will be asked to sign it after checking the details. Please keep this together with the receipt for at least 6 months.

You can also pay by text (SMS) from a Romanian mobile number. You can find below the details:

Vodafone2,70 €not included
Orange2,80 €not included
Telekom2,98 €included
Digi2,98 €included
Please check with your operator for the latest rates.

On top of the above rates, the mobile operator will charge you for each text that you send.

You need to send a text to 7577 with the following:

[registration number] 1
(where 1 is to specify that the vehicle is a car)

For example, B01ABC 1

You will receive the following reply by text:

„Vrei peaj Fetesti cat. 1 – 1 trecere, pt. B01ABC tarif 13 lei.Cost total xx.yy EUR+TVA. Trimite DA pentru confirmare in maxim 3 ore.”

This text confirms the registration number and the vehicle category.

Reply with DA in order to confirm. The charge will only be considered pay only if you send this reply message.

You will then receive the following confirmation:

„A fost emis peajul pt 1 TRECERE pod ei seria xxxxxxxxxxx categoria 1, pentru vehiculul B01ABC. Trecerea poate fi efectuata in 12 luni, pana la 30.11.2021 ora 23:59:59″

This text contains the registration number and the date by which you can cross the Fetești-Cernavodă bridge.

When do I have pay the Fetești-Cernavodă toll?

You must pay the Fetești-Cernavodă crossing charge by midnight the day after you cross. You can get a fine if you are late or do not pay.

You can also pay the toll in advance, up to 12 months.

This is how the crossing point looks like.
Use the right lane to pay cash at the barier.

How do I say bridge toll in Romanian?

Bridge toll is taxa de pod or peaj in Romanian.

You can show the text below to the petrol station operator to ask to pay the toll for one crossing:

Aș dori să plătesc taxa de pod Fetești pentru 1 trecere.

Have a safe journey

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